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BAE Sales, Inc. has been in business in northern California since 1989. BAE Sales executes a strategy of "Early Engagement" in engineering by focusing first on identifying and/or creating opportunities and securing design wins of "Core Silicon"; ASIC, ASSP, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers, and Memory. BAE's successful execution of this strategy has been proven over time and is evidenced by our superior track record of design wins and revenue growth.

BAE's "Early Engagement" in engineering combined with our thorough understanding and expertise of hardware architecture uniquely positions BAE Sales to identify opportunities and secure design wins of complimentary products far ahead of our competition. BAE's field sales representatives have experience and expertise in securing design wins and revenue "across the board" including; "most" semiconductor product families, passive components, Interconnect Components, Power Supplies, Optical Transceivers, Transponders and related components, PCBs, EMS providers, Engineering Design Services and much more. BAE provides principals with a superior level of demand creation and the necessary "Design-In Tracking" (DIT) tools that not only "capture" but also "protect" revenue opportunities wherever they may occur around the globe.


Best in class high-technology experienced Field Sales Force.
Teamed with highly skilled inside Tactical Marketing Representatives assisting with customer interface, Opportunity/Design Win tracking, forecasting, etc.
Established relationships and penetration in all major accounts and market segments.
A comprehensive and effective EMS and Distribution channel strategy to address the ROW customer base.
A limited and synergistic product offering.
BAE Sales is committed to exceeding the goals and objectives of our principals. The long tenure of BAE's business relationships and our reputation in the market are indicative of the success principals realize when they choose BAE Sales as their representative.


BAE Sales Inc., corporate offices are located in Milpitas, CA.

Our corporate offices can facilitate customer seminars for up to 25 attendees.

BAE Sales Inc. provides visiting principals with private offices that include phone, broadband internet access, printers, modem lines, etc.

Contact Information:
Phone: 408.414.5380